Who Am I?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2019

Who am I to call myself a Life Coach? 

It’s a great question. And if you’re someone who knows me, it’s probably crossed your mind. As a person who has “worn many hats” it may seem like just another hat.  As it turns out this is a hat I’ve worn for as long as I can remember.

The first time I recall consciously wearing this hat, I was four years old. I spent my first day of kindergarten comforting my new classmates, as they cried leaving their parents.

I’ve worn this hat conspicuously when I worked as a tutor at the age of 15. As a customer service representative. As a nanny. As a dolphin trainer. As an Emergency room unit coordinator. As a traveler. As a barista. As a boutique shop girl. As a student. As a daughter. As a mother. As a lover. As a friend.  

This absolute passion of mine to help others achieve their best self yet has been with me always. 

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