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Are you an exhausted or uninspired  mom and entrepreneur?

Maybe you've only dreamed of working for yourself and making your own money, or maybe you have already started but something is "off" or "missing" creating a sense of overwhelm and stress, as well as a lack of money?

I'm here to show you a simple way you can start making money in alignment with your deeper purpose, so that you feel good about your work. In addition I'll show you how to maintain balance on your journey to wealth and freedom of choices.

Schedule a Complimentary 45 Minute Clarity Call

Working with Crystal

I Have Been In Your Shoes

 I too have been stumped at the thought of  identifying what I want to do with my life. I have felt stuck working jobs or in businesses that I didn't feel totally aligned with. There was a time (a long time) that I knew I had a greater purpose in life but I just wasn't living it. I didn't even know where to begin! 

Listen, maybe you are struggling in a personal relationship. Perhaps you've got kids and you're attention is being pulled elsewhere. You might even be experiencing a major transition in some area of your life.
I can help! I'm here for you.

Professionalism & Experience

As a professionally trained and experienced Strategic Life Coach, I have the strategies and understanding to help you identify and get what you really want out of life. I can help you fill your life with more passion and a clear direction.

Working with clients can be an epic adventure of self discovery. Often we uncover keys to locked doors that have been holding you back from what it is you really want in your life . I genuinely love working with people and helping them unearth their true purpose! I can even help you find ways to monetize it.

Supportive Journey

Committing to your better life is just that – a commitment. It’s a big one that will take a lot of dedication. As a Coach, my commitment is to provide you with an unbiased space to be heard, understood, and supported while helping you navigate the path to your purpose. We will be working together as a team to get you the clarity you are searching for. 

*It should be noted that I can and do work internationally, with clients in all time zones.

Strategic Life Coach Crystal Meagher

Who am I to call myself a Life Coach? 

It’s a great question. And if you’re someone who knows me, it’s probably crossed your mind. As a person who has “worn many hats” it may seem like just another hat.  As it turns out this is a hat I’ve worn for as long as I can remember.

The first time I recall consciously wearing this hat, I was four years old. I spent my first day of kindergarten comforting my new classmates, as they cried leaving their parents.

I’ve worn this hat conspicuously when I worked as a tutor at the age of 15. As a customer service representative. As a nanny. As a dolphin trainer. As an Emergency room unit coordinator. As a traveler. As a barista. As a boutique shop girl. As a student. As a daughter. As a mother. As a lover. As a friend.  

This absolute passion of mine to help others achieve their best self yet has been with me always. 

Now if you’ve read this far (thank you 😉) - you might be asking yourself if you are a Life Coach too!? Perhaps you share my passion and you have conspicuously worn this hat too.


What makes me so special to call myself a Strategic Life Coach?

Well, when the stars finally aligned and I realized this conspicuous hat I’ve always worn was leading me to help others at the most powerful level, I found a way to hone my craft... to become the best I could at being a vehicle for helping others TRULY transform their lives into the peak version of themselves.

I spent a few years dabbling in my home studies with a fantastic Strategic Life Coaching education, but it all got really real when I pulled up my big girl pants and went to an intensive Strategic Life Coach certification training course.

After I got my certification I didn’t stop... I was on 🔥 🔥 🔥 I knew in my soul this was what I’ve always wanted. I've since gone on to get an Advanced certification and I’m currently studying and practicing my Masters in Strategic Life Coaching. 

But..... I don’t work with just anyone. I only work with clients who are absolutely committed to change. People who know that there’s so much more out there for them and who are willing get serious about their dreams.  

If you’ve read this far, maybe it’s you... Only you can recognize that fire burning deep inside you. WILL YOU FUEL IT?

What to Expect

Feel Good!

We as moms want to feel good! That means in our bodies as much as it means in our heart. Find a meaningful purpose to intertwine with your work so  that you are filling yourself up while you work.

Strengthened Relationships

Let's be honest, life can be stressful. I want to make it easier. Together we can work to maximize your personal and professional relationships.  Perhaps more importantly, I want to help you create the time for yourself that you deserve.

Systems In Place

Explore what systems you will need in place to effectively manage your time and efforts. In the beginning it might be all on you to create those systems but as the money starts to flow you can outsource where needed. Imagine how it will feel when you won't have to do it ALL.

Regain Control

You've seriously got nothing to lose. Today you can schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Clarity session. That's a 45 minute phone call where my sole focus is to understand you.

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